Welcome to my first (slightly awkward) post

Welcome, welcome to Lunate and the Imaginary Mermaid. This is a blog about making things, inspiration, friendship, motherhood and trying to make a way in this big and exciting world in as mindful a way as possible.

Nervously fumbling… That’s ok. One’s first blog entry is bound to be a little disconnected. Maybe even a little lost in the vastness of… Well… Everything! And that is fine. At least it is happening. So: Here I am, making my contribution to the world of blogging, crafting, rambling and hopefully inspiring.

Every mother was once a little girl who wanted to be a mermaid. Maybe, like me,  you still want to be one (your secret is safe with me). And this was how it all began for me. A little girl with a big imagination.

My daughter was born three (and a half!) years ago. This shook up everything, changed everything and fundamentally altered the way I viewed everything. But this is a topic for another time.

Watching your child grow and experience the world is one of the most enriching experiences a person can go through. Something that evolves out of shock and anticipation becomes something so beautiful.
Suddenly the world seems new and the everyday is fresh and bright. You relive things unexpectedly. Your imagination is reactivated and your imaginary friends seem to reappear as your memories flood back.

My inspiration and motivation for everything I do now has come from one little girl’s existence. Now I have to show and teach and learn with her. Every parent knows this feeling.

And so: here we are. Welcome again. A bit of explaining of where I am at and what I am doing will be forthcoming.
Please visit again next week. Bring a cup of tea!

Whew. First post done.
Now. Cup of tea 🙂

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