minimalism vs personality

a short update on our minimising efforts

The knot we are trying to untangle feels like it might be choking us. But we are getting through it. The relief will be sweet (that’s the promise, anyway).

This week I worked on cleaning my studio. It ended up being more of an organising mission than a getting-rid-of one (although there were quite a few boxes and bags of junk that left the space). This was a tough one to get started and is even tougher to continue and progress with. Yet, it is happening, slowly.

This is starting to feel like a big struggle against my personality. Hopefully this is not going to leave me feeling empty and as though I have rationalised meaningful things out of my life. Hopefully I won’t miss the memory triggers like the smell of some of the items that evoke strong memories and emotions. Hopefully this will help get my family out of our debt and won’t be a very high price for no reward.

The perfectionist in me wants to get all this ‘right’ and seems a bit disappointed at the slow progress. The sentimentalist and meaning maker is finding it hard not to just bury herself in it all and hide. Then there is a very strong need for freedom that keeps pushing and searching for an escape.

I think I should leave it there. I need to reflect on all of this. This experiment is a tough one. But that might be a very good thing.

So let’s keep going and see where it leads.

8 thoughts on “minimalism vs personality

  1. Some places are harder to clean, declutter and unencumber than others. Trust yourself to make the right decisions about the disposition of your items. And take comfort in knowing that no decision you are going to make is going to have life-changing consequences. Sure, if something is evocative of nostalgic memories you might keep it or you might pitch it. Maybe you’ll miss something a little. But you’re not going to even think of getting rid of the most important items like your mom’s portrait or your father’s medals. Trust yourself. You’ll do the right think in its time.


  2. I am on a similar journey and I hope that more of our true personality will have the room to shine when we get rid of the clutter in our lives. I have been successful in the bedroom in our house and I honestly breathe easier when I walk into that room. I keep telling myself, Just one room at a time. I agree with Bruce to trust yourself and you will get there:-)


    1. Yes, it is definitely wise to do it in baby steps. I need to remind myself of this. I must say that the spaces that have been cleared are my favourite places too. Definitely breathing room. Thanks so much for the advice, angielizandre. So wonderful to find others on this same journey!

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