Mistakes are Life








Underlying mistakes

We need mistake inducing situations and materials for things to change and evolve and be interesting. That is the only way to be creative. Change is inevitable. 

Perfection is entropy.

Mistakes are what make things cluster they are what makes patterns form.

Tiny, tiny, tiny changes in movement and tiny incremental mistakes. And things are revealed. Something changed direction. 

Maybe I didn’t notice until you hooked onto it and made it grow beyond itself. The Origen hidden.the origin is lost. 

This is the only way to step outside the frame and bleed into the other possibilities.

The echoes matter. But only if there is interference at some point. Then something new can grow. Careful of sanitising too much. Some  dirt has to remain for new life to grab onto. 

The stumble might be the catalyst for the dance to change. 

We keep looking for what makes sense. For what is flawless. We need to find the flaws to understand the origins. If that is what we seek.

Life is mistakes that work.

Friction implies some kind of resistance. But that is what vibrates the strings. That is what makes marks. That is how we can sense. 

We are here because something is out of balance. Somewhere there is a mistake and thus the universe has not neutralised itself. Maybe it is just a moment. Maybe a fluctuation that has sent things teetering for the moment like a coin spinning on a table after being tossed. 

But here we are. 

Trying to categorise to simplify and all that happens is things become more complex the more we do this. At some point we will have to categorise at such a fine resolution that it will be so simple and everything will be accounted for and that is chaos. entropy. Drawing lines is what we do. But it is a haphazard process

All that is of consequence is where the focus is. But we might need to keep the borders perforated so that it is not a closed system. Closed systems die.


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